Crews are a way for players to group together for strength, they have their own forum and chat to communicate.

Crew Bank

Crew banks can store both money and bullets, there is a log to see all deposits and withdrawals into the crew bank. The crew bank is safer than a player storing the items because it will only be lost if the crew is wiped.

Wiping a Crew

A crew has a hierarchy of management. An owner, an underboss and a right hand man (RHM). All of these must be assassinated to successfully wipe a crew.

Should an owner be assassinated, the underboss will automatically be promoted to the owner and the RHM will be promoted to the underboss.

Should an underboss of a crew be assassinated, the RHM will be promoted to take the underbosses spot.


Crews can earn extra cash straight into their crew bank by dominating a location. To do this, a crew must own all properties in that location. They will then receive a percentage of all cash spent at the airport and a percentage of bail cash spent while players are in Jail.