To Assassinate another player, you must go through the following steps:

  • Buy a weapon and have enough bullets to kill the victim
  • Hire a detective
  • Travel to the same location as the victim and have a getaway car ready
  • Fire bullets at the player, and leave your last words.

When you kill a player you will receive the following:

  • All of their properties – Casinos and Bullet Factories
  • 20% of their cash

Public Killing

If you choose to assassinate a player publicly, everyone on the game will know it will show your username on their profile as the killer.

It will also reveal the killer in the last fifteen deaths and in the RIP forum.

Witness Statements

When you kill someone, no one on the game will know who the killer was, *except* for potential witnesses. There is a chance that up to two players will be notified of who the killer was.

What happens when you die?

You can no longer continue playing on your account. When you try to log in, you will see a gravestone, with some last words from your killer.

When you make a new account with the register form below the gravestone, the following will carry across between your old and new account:

  • The email and password will be the same
  • Any points on the account
  • 25% of rank experience although this is capped at the rank of Boss
  • Your notepad will be copied across
  • Your log book will be copied across

Rank Rule

You may only assassinate players that are within four ranks of your own. This is to stop Ultimate Assassinators killing Lowlifes and vice versa.

The Armoury – Weapons and Protection

To Assassinate another player you must have a weapon. The better your weapon is, the fewer bullets you will need to shoot.

To upgrade a weapon, you must train with your current weapon in the Shooting Range, while you’re in the shooting range, you won’t be able to commit crimes, but you will still be able to chat with other players.

Training in the shooting range takes 10 hours, or there is an option to skip the wait with points.

Bullet Factories

The is one player-owned bullet factory (BF) in every location.

The BF will receive a delivery of bullets every hour, on the hour.

You can buy up to 500 bullets per minute from a BF. You can also buy bullets from the market.

The Hospital

If you are attacked by another player but not killed, you will be sent an alert an you will lose some health. If your health is low, you are easier to kill and you should go to the hospital to get yourself back to full health.

As with the shooting range, while you’re in the hospital, you will be unable to commit crimes.


New players can optionally be protected under immunity for their first four days. During this period they can’t kill or be killed.