Firstly, if you’ve got a friend at work, school etc that you want to introduce to the game – that’s excellent. Assassinators isn’t the easiest game to learn so its great for newbs to have a mentor of sorts.

We have a duping rule on Assassinators which means each player is only allowed one account. If you break this rule, all your accounts will be banned.

The staff of Assassinators perform regular checks to see if people are playing on the same network and interacting with each other at similar times, so players who dupe get caught. We also have an automatic penalty points system, which gives you penalty points whenever you interact (send money, points, trade, send cars, etc) with a player on your network.

When you are inviting your friend to play the game, make sure they make their own account, play on their own device, and if you want to interact on the game, do it while you’re both at home on your own network.