As you commit crimes, you will gain experience, and with enough experience, you will be promoted to the next rank. At any time you can see how close you are to hitting the next rank in your stats bar:

When you are promoted you will unlock more crimes, you will be harder to kill, and it will be easier for you to kill other players.

The Ranks

1. Lowlife
2. Junkie
3. Rebel
4. Thug
5. Impersonator
6. Pickpocket
7. Thief
8. Hustler
9. Dealer
10. Hitman
11. Gangster
12. Assassin
13. Boss
14. Legend
15. Don
16. Mobster
17. Kingpin
18. Godfather
19. Global Threat
20. Ultimate Assassinator

Rounds and Resets

When a new round begins, we say that Assassinators has been “reset”. This means: All players will need to register again, everything is deleted, cash, bullets, cars, crews, properties, you name it, it is deleted!

Players who have purchased points within three months of the reset date, will be able to get the points again – even if they have been spent.

A reset will always be announced, so you will be given plenty of warning, and it typically happens when the current round has died down in terms of activity.

You can see information about previous rounds on the statistics page.